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It is mind-boggling the amount of preparation young moms go through before they leave the house to head out with their kids in tow.

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God Still Wins

July 4th, 1776 did not mark the end of the bloody and hard-fought battle for America’s freedom from British rule

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Think About it -- To Become a Victim is Free

The Defense Department has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into this research...

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Think About it -- Worry and Faith

This week’s message is directed at myself. The rest of you can listen in. Johnny Cash told the story of a man confronting him on the streets of Falmouth, Jamaica saying, “Mr. Cash, I’m a worried man.” Cash asked him what he was worried about. He explained he had no job, a wife and 9 children. Cash then wrote the song, “Worried Man.” For too much of my l...

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Think About it -- Thank you, Mr. Alvey

Their glory isn’t in some grand life-sacrificing death but in the life they live.

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Think About it -- Becoming Thermostats in a Thermometer World

It's not just about measuring the temperature; it's about actively controlling it for the well-being of the entire community.

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An old joke says, “Experience is that thing that helps you recognize a mistake when you make it again.” That seems to be the case when considering armed defenders. Many resist it out of a fear that an armed defender, who is not “credentialed” (meaning, by most, law-enforcement certified or otherwise licensed for protection), would accidently hurt innocents in a protec...

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Positioned for Discovery

I grew up thinking God was angrily looking for my mistakes as opportunities to punish, if not crush me. That’s not what He’s searching for.

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Think About it -- SOS.24 Site Selected

SOS.24 will take place at the Cherry Hills Community Church in the Denver, Colorado suburb of Highlands Ranch.

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This week's TAI is submitted by Shanna Kohr, our oldest daughter. She expressed honor for the best man I've ever known (my own Dad -- Jack Chinn) on this Father's Day. The FBSN has a very simple tagline, Ready-Willing-Able, summarizing our threefold mission. My Grandpa served in WWII. His ship, the USS Princeton, was bombed and sunk in the battle of Leyte Gulf on October ...

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