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Think About it -- SOS.24 Site Selected

SOS.24 will take place at the Cherry Hills Community Church in the Denver, Colorado suburb of Highlands Ranch.

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America's Anchorman?

As I was eating breakfast last week at a Hotel in Detroit, I heard a NEWS program going on in the background that caused me to ponder a familiar title. The NEWS segment was exploring “who will be America’s next Anchorman?” Anchorman. What exactly does that indicate? The first thing I thought was, what is an anchor used for? Dropped to the earthen bottom of a sea, lake or...

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Think About it -- 2024 Storm Alert

Righteousness will not be tolerated.

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Think About it -- How Cruel!

Sometimes the only option left is to fight back. But there will always be some clown exclaiming, “how cruel.”

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Think About it -- Becoming Thermostats in a Thermometer World

It's not just about measuring the temperature; it's about actively controlling it for the well-being of the entire community.

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Think About it -- Learning Together

Any worthy endeavor doesn’t just happen. It takes intentional effort and it takes learning.

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Think About it -- the "Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act"

The role of the private citizen is only forfeited by that person’s choices to not vote and / or not contact their appropriate representatives when they should.

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