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Think About it -- Unpacking the Haymarket, VA Incident

I rarely write about a recent incident because the available news is designed to catch readers with emotion-grabbing snippets that may not be true. And often even when I do have inside information, releasing it would not be appropriate. I have no inside information on what happened recently at the Park Valley Church (PVC) in Haymarket, VA. All information in this writing is only from what i...

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Think About it -- Deadly Force Incident Study Update

Those 2,361 incidents resulted in 1,047 violent deaths. Go to the site to read all the other meaningful data.

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Lessons From the Farm (No. 1)

Is your training commensurate with the tools and the needed actions?

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The Short Straw

This time of year is always a time of reflection for the Chinn family. The reason October is so important to our family is, that Dad’s ship (the Aircraft Carrier, CVL-23, USS Princeton) was sunk on October 24th, 1944 in the battle of Leyte Gulf during World War 2. 108 men on the carrier did not survive that day. Dad did, and we were raised to be grateful for God’s grace and prov...

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Think About it -- The Long Memory of Islam

Hatred is the plumb-line of Islam as love is the plumb-line of Christianity

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Advice From Friends

I know a man quite purposely driven about developing relationships with his grandchildren. As part of his grandparenting plan, he has done something special with each grandson when they turned 16. His oldest grandson took an interest in hunting, so for that boy’s 16th year, a high country elk hunt was enjoyed. The next oldest grandson heard his older cousin’s hunting stories and ...

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They Stood Between me & Evil

The real problem is that there is a very real enemy with focused intentions of devouring anything and everything good.

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Engaged (Lesson 2 From the Farm)

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might

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Think About it -- Thank you, Mr. Alvey

Their glory isn’t in some grand life-sacrificing death but in the life they live.

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Positioned for Discovery

I grew up thinking God was angrily looking for my mistakes as opportunities to punish, if not crush me. That’s not what He’s searching for.

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