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Think About it -- A Wake up Call on Your Cell Phone

From the day the serpent asked Eve, “Did God really say?” till now, communication has been used to disrupt, deceive and destroy.

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Think About it -- A Somber Reflection of Our Vulnerabilities

You will never see an attorney lay his hand on the bible in a trial and swear to tell the truth. They don’t have to.

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Think About it -- Events are Back!

Attending a church security focused event is one of the best ways to gain fresh insights and inspiration and meet new people critical to what you do.

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Think About it -- Lost in the Verbiage

To overly define the way a violence victim died, is to disregard many victims and the primary risks associated with violence.

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Lessons From the Farm (No. 1)

Is your training commensurate with the tools and the needed actions?

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America's Anchorman?

As I was eating breakfast last week at a Hotel in Detroit, I heard a NEWS program going on in the background that caused me to ponder a familiar title. The NEWS segment was exploring “who will be America’s next Anchorman?” Anchorman. What exactly does that indicate? The first thing I thought was, what is an anchor used for? Dropped to the earthen bottom of a sea, lake or...

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Think About it -- Forgive me for the Times I Wore That

The most experienced warrior has only glimpsed the ugliness of evil Christ experienced then and now

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Not of Anger

We never respond out of anger at any guilty party.

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