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Think About it -- Lost in the Verbiage

To overly define the way a violence victim died, is to disregard many victims and the primary risks associated with violence.

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Think About it -- Events are Back!

Attending a church security focused event is one of the best ways to gain fresh insights and inspiration and meet new people critical to what you do.

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Think About it -- The Things a Mother Will do

There is nothing like a good mother or wife!

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Everybody Has a Story. Some Can Tell it.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Dave Grossman will present at our national convention this year; the Security Operations Summit, 2024.

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Think About It -- Peace is Yours.

My knees hurt. Both of them. Bad. All the time. I didn’t understand chronic pain before. It has changed my life. Lately it has made me mad. At everything and everyone. This week I began to think of a story Dad told. I’ve never been able to verify it, so I might have heard portions wrong. Maybe the name of the man he told of wasn’t the one I recall, and maybe he had mistaken...

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Think About it ... Don't Hit The Snooze Button

We’ve had plenty wake-up calls, don’t hit the snooze button.

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Think About it... SOS.24; A Destination of Significance

A pilgrimage is an inspired practice consisting of a prolonged journey, often undertaken by plane, train or automobile, toward a specific destination of significance

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“Blow Them up, Burn Them, Shoot Them, Slaughter Their Necks and Run Them Over”

Be prepared to defend the defenseless, but always stay mindful of who we are and Who we represent.

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Not of Anger

We never respond out of anger at any guilty party.

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