See our great lineup of speakers for SOS.23

Ali Perez

U.S. Navy Veteran & former Sheriff's Detective

Ben Powers

Co-Owner 360 Life Safety

Bill Wright

Owner, Sheepdog Krav Maga

Bo Linam

Ministry Leader at LoveLife.org

Carl Chinn

President, FBSN

David Dixon

Chairman of the Board, FBSN

David Salmon

OSS Academy Administrator

Deborah McMahon

Founder/Owner of Crisis Systems Management, LLC

Doug Burig

Executive Director, MAGLOCLEN

Ed Monk

Co-Owner, Last Resort Firearms Training

George Carey

Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist

Greg Stevens

Ret. Garland Police Dept.

Jack Wilson

Director of Security, West Freeway Church of Christ

Jackie Deans

Co-Owner/Instructor Ozark Shoot, Don't Shoot

Jason Door

Sergeant, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Jeff Dalrymple

Executive Director, Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP)

John Riley

Founder, Gentle Response

Joseph Brown

Attorney, Telios Law

Joshua Salmon

OSS LMS Specialist

Journey Worship Co.

Worship Leaders, Songwriters, and Musicians

Kevin McGary

President, Every Black Life Matters

Kurt Owen

Pastor, Real Life Church

Matt Espenshade

Executive Pastor, TJC

Michael Mann

President, Michael Mann Security Services

Mike Deans

Co-Owner/Instructor Ozark Shoot, Don't Shoot

Mike Harvill

Security Director, Kensington Church

Roger Moore

Senior Lead Instructor & Project Manager

Ron Allen

FBSN Board

Ron Lugo

Chaplain, Calvary Chapel, Melbourne FL

Sondra Smith

Protect My Ministry

Stephen Willeford

"The Good Guy with a Gun"

Steve Burden

Board Member & Affiliate Coordinator

Steven Bucci

Former Deputy Assistant SecDef

U.S. Law Shield

U.S. Law Shield

Vaughn Baker

Co-Founder/President Strategos International

Vernon Chinn

Ret. Sheriff, Pratt KS

Vince Harrison

Safety & Security Director, Calvary Church Multi- Site Campuses