A Year to... Think About It


# 1 in the Series – The Spiritual Aspect Devotional Perspectives on Security at Faith-Based Organizations. //// In September of 2011, the “Think About It” series debuted on my very first website. Those weekly posts would recap a story (some recent, some ancient) of security related concepts for security teams to consider. As requests for back copies began to increase, I realized some of the stories could be reprinted in a book form. Then my wife and daughter suggested releasing 52 TAI’s (as we call them at home) as a weekly devotional guide for security team members. This seemed right. We know that what makes church security different, is that we are first and foremost ambassadors for Christ. So, why not let that be the first topic of the Think About It series? So, this first book of just 52 TAI’s (of over 600 now written) are the ones related in some way or another to the spiritual aspect of why and how we do what we are called to do. //// By Carl Chinn ***We are offering pre-release purchase of this book for $20.00 which will include shipping when the book is finished in early 2024***

Price $20.00 each