Mike Harvill

Security Director, Kensington Church

Ron Allen

FBSN Board


  • Breakout Session
  • room 106
  • July 27 2023 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Training can be expensive! Why not share the cost with other churches? Do you know what potential security threats are going on at other churches in your area? Why not share that information? Many churches with security/safety teams tend to operate in isolation, like an island. Why not come together and form one large mainland? This is what a coalition is all about. This presentation will provide you with ideas on how to start a coalition, how to structure it, as well as suggestions for member benefits. Mike Harvill and Ron Allen started the Security Leaders Coalition in Michigan in September of 2015 with just six churches in the Detroit area. The SLC now has 60 houses of worship across Michigan.