John Giduck

J.D., Ph.D., Renowned Expert/Author on International Terrorism

Dr. Giduck has a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State and a law degree from the University of Denver. He also earned a Master’s Degree specializing in Russian studies, from the University of Colorado, which included completion of the Russian Culture and Language Program at St. Petersburg State University in Russia. He holds a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies from King’s College in London. His dissertation was on the evolution of jihadist terrorist mass-hostage siege tactics throughout the world and formed the basis for his latest book. In 2016, he completed a master’s program in Buddhist Studies. He also obtained his Doctor of Law (JD) from University of Denver College of Law.
He has traveled and worked throughout the world, including years working in Russia and the former Soviet Union, and his master’s thesis was an examination of the expansion of Russian organized crime after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He has provided training for U.S. state and federal law enforcement, government agencies and special operations military units. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the College of Disaster Medicine and Management of Philadelphia University, where he teaches master’s level terrorism courses, in addition to teaching criminology and homeland security courses at Regis University, and doctoral level courses at Colorado Technical University. In 2017, he was selected by the CTU doctoral studies administration as Distinguished Faculty of the Year For Inspiring Success in Students.
He has authored several books: Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy With Lessons for America’s Schools; Shooter Down! The Dramatic, Untold Story of the Police Response to the Virginia Tech Massacre, along with co-author Police Commissioner Joseph M. Bail; and When Terror Returns: The History and Future of Terrorist Mass-Hostage Sieges. In 2016, his book on the terrorist hostage-siege in Beslan, Russia was selected by as one of the fifteen all-time books for American law enforcement.