Like many, Carl Chinn was not interested in security at all until the mid-1990's. His vocational interest was based around construction and facilities management as he served as the Building Engineer for a large ministry (Focus on the Family) in Colorado Springs, CO. When the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, it got his attention. He and others began to work on the environment at Focus on the Family to improve readiness.

On May 2nd, 1996 those efforts were tested when an angry gunman stormed the ministry with alleged explosives. Chinn was one of four hostages and became the spokesman for the ministry at the trial of the attacker that followed.

The OKC bombing and the Focus on the Family hostage incident changed the course of his life. He began researching the frequency and history of attacks at faith-based organizations. That research has been referred to by The Washington Post, AP News, Dallas Morning News and many other news agencies through the last 30 years. 

He was a consultant to the producer of this movie and will introduce the movie at the matinee showing in Pratt on April 20th.