Threat information is lacking (when used at all) in faith-based security circles. Even when something is known about a potential threat, that information is more tightly guarded than in many circles due to ethical respect or fears of legal privacy or defamation issues. The FBSN approaches threat assessment and management with careful intentionality.

If there is a perceived threat in your area that you think should be considered, please submit information on the link provided at the end of this narrative.

Information can be collected from anyone (you do not have to be an FBSN Member). If you know something, say something. 

If the perceived threat isn’t urgent enough for a 911 call, we would like to hear about it. If 911 has been called, we would like to hear about it after that call has been made. Please fill in the information at the link provided following and a FBSN Analyst and / or member of your area law-enforcement will contact you.