​​​                                                                        Evil is the enemy

In the early 1800’s, the nemesis of the U. S. was the British. The deep and awful wounds of the revolutionary war still hurt. Despite diplomatic relations established in 1785, mistrust of the British festered until we again waged war with them in 1812.

By the 1820’s, U.S. relationships improved with Great Britain but declined with France. Through much of the 19th century, the French were despised in most American circles. Towards the end of that time of tension, France gave America the statue of Liberty.

My own Grandfather was born in 1897. When he was a young man, the Germans and Italians were the untrusted ones. That lasted until Dad was a young man, then it was more Germans and Japanese with passionate labels of distrust.

When I was young, we didn’t trust Russians or Vietnamese; by then the Germans and Japanese were a recognized vital part of American culture, and the U.S. had no stronger ally than Great Britain.

Now it’s the Muslims.


Think About it…

I absolutely condemn the heartless and evil act on the Muslim people in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have been criticized for my stand to include all faiths in my passion that all congregations be safe. Since 1999, I have tracked violent incidents at all theologies. When evil strikes the innocent in sanctuary, especially children, I get mad. The sign over their door makes me no difference.

I don’t know how this attack will affect American houses of worship. But it will. Worms come out of the ground when there is a significant disturbance. Copy-cat killers are real, as are retaliation extremists. It’s too early to tell what flavor of worms will be inspired by this attack, but those on all fringes are stirred. Watch your six.

As soon as we allow the conversation to turn political however, we miss the point. This is not about any guns, politicians or religion. This attack was repulsive evil.

The frenzied rush to get a killer’s name, opinions and weapons used, always takes the focus off the real issues – the innocent people we want protected, and what it is that threatens them.

In conversations of the past, extraordinary and seasoned people wrote of the dangers of the British, then the French, Italians, Germans, Japanese, Russians and Vietnamese. Parts of those stories were true. Not the part of how they should never be allowed into the American fabric.

Do not get drawn off course. Our enemy is evil.