The Power of Prayer

The following was written by an FBSN member after the Security Operations Summit (SOS) in Colorado. The FBSN board and I tracked his recovery, praying for him through it all. Here is his story;

By GALEN WOMACK     The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer should be experienced daily. God provides strength (II Cor. 12:9), patience (II Th. 1:4-5) and wisdom (James 1:5) to overcome any obstacle. Satan shouldn’t stand a chance.

I experienced that power after attending the FBSN SOS event in Colorado. On the second day of the seminar, I awoke with an intensifying headache. Before noon, I started home to Wichita Kansas. 

I got 80 miles. 

After 6 hours of terrible sickness in a Limon Colorado parking lot, I checked into a Motel. The next morning, I continued east, stopping often as the headache worsened. By Monday morning, I asked for a doctor for the first time in my life.

Testing began.

A CT Scan revealed a large brain bleed which led to seizures. From a clinical standpoint, it would be reasonable to expect permanent major damage or death. God had other plans. Though seizure patients with much less damage have required weeks or months of rehabilitation, I was released and cleared of the need for physical therapy relatively quick. 

That was just one of many miracles! 

I had many visitors in the 30 days of ICU. They always prayed before leaving. I felt persistent supernatural strength. At one point, I awoke to two gentlemen (I thought at first, they must be lost or homeless), wanting to know how I was doing. One had driven all the way from Denver, CO. And the other from Kansas City, KS. I was blessed to see that level of commitment from friends. Since returning home, I have received dozens of calls, cards & letters from all over the country.  I truly believe this ongoing chain of requests on my behalf, then and now, is responsible for the string of miracles in my life.

The point of all this has been, to show that as we acknowledge the source of our strength, patience and wisdom, we intentionally yield control of our life to let God demonstrate the power of prayer.

Think About it

Sometimes a story comes along to just remind us of Him who we really serve.

Our God is The awesome God.

Be thankful for all you have this week and for the power of prayer.