Plans & Planning

Policies and procedures are good. There are model security plans you can buy as editable documents. I know folks who sell those products and they are good people with great intentions. I wish them the very best. Like diets, to do something is a far cry better than doing nothing. It is better than the plethora of ministries who will never do anything.

That said, I am not a fan of canned plans. You may have assumed that from my previous quotes like, “It’s not about the plan; even Custer had a plan.” Recently I wrote of Churchill who said, “the best generals are those who arrive at the results of planning without being tied to plans.” 

Maybe Dwight Eisenhower was familiar with those quotes when he talked about the D-day failures and successes. They had planned the invasion diligently, but everything changed in the light of the moon on the 6thof June, 1944. Eisenhower said it many ways in the years after the hard earned victory, but it was always the same point, “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

The goal of the planning (in our circles) is to effectively maintain safety and security. The document developed is nothing more than a milestone in the process; the evidence of the diligence. To consider it as the product, would be valuing the wrong thing.


Think About it

Let’s say you and your spouse develop a parenting plan in the 9 months leading up to your first-born. You pray about it, read about it, visit with others who have been through it, attend training and pour yourselves into understanding all you can about parenting. You write it all down.

Now I guarantee you when that little bundle of joy comes home from the hospital, you are going to have some surprises. It isn’t going to go by the book. When she cries out in the middle of the night, just as you regained dream stage, is it your writings that will guide you?

No, but the prayer, planning, training and research will come to mind in your drowsiness. 

And when she leaves home someday, she won’t take the book of plans you wrote 20 years earlier. She will remember you and how you worked with her.

So, have plans, but operate out of the wisdom gained in the process of developing and managing them.